Saturday, March 29, 2014

"But, um, why ANOTHER all-natural skincare line?"

We've heard a few murmurings to this effect from some cynical corners and, as is our way, we'd figure we'd address them.

Regardless of their claims, prior to 1:10 Skincare® there has been no effective skincare line that can truly claim to be totally natural/organic and effective. Why? Until now the approach of most of these "all natural" lines has been to take standard formulations (for toners, serums, etc.) and simply remove the artificial ingredients. The primary goal has been "naturalness" and not effectiveness.

Skincare lines have a very difficult choice to make: choose between using artificial chemicals, alcohols or having a products which spoil almost as quickly as fresh produce. (Consumers are becoming increasingly cynical about claims of natural or organic when they recognize parabens in the ingredient list.)

1:10 Skincare® is immediately effective, does not spoil (because our active ingredient, 1:10 Skincare® is also a spectacular, 100% organic compliant preservative) and is formulated with only food grade ingredients.

Until 1:10 Skincare® there has been no effective skincare line that can truly claim to be natural or organic and effective.

While most “natural” or “organic” skincare lines appeal far more to the “green” than “chic” customer, often alienating the latter. Our products and packaging will simultaneously satisfy both. Too many times "green" is the equivalent of a hair shirt, a badge worn to show how one sacrifices and suffers for a good cause. But it doesn't have to be that way and, in fact, it won't have the broad appeal necessary for effective change unless and until green is the superior choice.
a) Sadly, "all natural" skincare lines also often overload ingredient lists with unstable vitamins, extracts and essential oils to give the illusion of effectiveness. There are a few problems with this approach; this a scattershot approach, to include everything that can be found hoping against hope something in it works.

b) Many of these ingredients are skin irritants or allergens.
Including too many ingredients sharply diminishes the efficacy of a product rather than enhancing it.
We have created our formulas by sifting through thousands of ingredient options to choose only those which are truly effective while minimizing the number of people possibly subject to irritation.

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