Monday, March 31, 2014

But what about cosmeceuticals?

Another series of questions we have gotten centers around how 1:10 Skincare® compares to other "cosmeceutical" lines.

Glad you asked.

There would seem to be some similarities:

1- Both give users the perception of having "science behind them."
2- Both will give the user some immediate result in the form of visible improvement, as well as improvement with continued use.

But the differences end there.

Cosmeceutical skincare is also notorious for:

Exceptionally harsh formulations; i.e., these products can be very irritating to the skin.
More so than even high end skincare, they often causes far worse problems than they set out to solve.

In contrast, 1:10 Skincare® heals skin gently, naturally and effectively.

Like high end skincare, cosmeceutical skincare has a long, controversial, ingredient list including assorted artificial ingredients, most notably parabens and SLS.

However, 1:10 Skincare® stands out among all categories with a short ingredient list that is 100% compliant with the strictest, food-level organic standards.

Many of the most common active ingredients in cosmeceutical lines (vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.) are notoriously unstable. Their ability to be active has probably already diminished before the consumer even opens the packaging. These ingredients will surely degrade to "practically inactive" once the package is opened. In order to control this instability, artificial ingredients are frequently incorporated into their formulas.

This is as opposed to 1:10 Skincare®, which has a revolutionary proprietary process that is both:
a) outrageously stable
b) which magnifies the stability and active life of the other ingredients.

Cosmeceutical skincare is not exactly legendary for providing a pleasant experience to the user.
In general, the packaging is unattractive and the formulas are almost unanimously highly unpleasant in look, texture and fragrance.

Meanwhile, 1:10 Skincare® gives the user superior effectiveness with an infinitely more enjoyable user experience.

Cosmeceutical skincare does not offer much appeal to consumers who shy away from products sold in infomercials or in vending machines. (We wish we were kidding.)

1:10 Skincare® offers a more exceptional adoption experience both in distribution and in terms of its innovations.

1:10 Skincare® - How Nature Stops Time.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"But, um, why ANOTHER all-natural skincare line?"

We've heard a few murmurings to this effect from some cynical corners and, as is our way, we'd figure we'd address them.

Regardless of their claims, prior to 1:10 Skincare® there has been no effective skincare line that can truly claim to be totally natural/organic and effective. Why? Until now the approach of most of these "all natural" lines has been to take standard formulations (for toners, serums, etc.) and simply remove the artificial ingredients. The primary goal has been "naturalness" and not effectiveness.

Skincare lines have a very difficult choice to make: choose between using artificial chemicals, alcohols or having a products which spoil almost as quickly as fresh produce. (Consumers are becoming increasingly cynical about claims of natural or organic when they recognize parabens in the ingredient list.)

1:10 Skincare® is immediately effective, does not spoil (because our active ingredient, 1:10 Skincare® is also a spectacular, 100% organic compliant preservative) and is formulated with only food grade ingredients.

Until 1:10 Skincare® there has been no effective skincare line that can truly claim to be natural or organic and effective.

While most “natural” or “organic” skincare lines appeal far more to the “green” than “chic” customer, often alienating the latter. Our products and packaging will simultaneously satisfy both. Too many times "green" is the equivalent of a hair shirt, a badge worn to show how one sacrifices and suffers for a good cause. But it doesn't have to be that way and, in fact, it won't have the broad appeal necessary for effective change unless and until green is the superior choice.
a) Sadly, "all natural" skincare lines also often overload ingredient lists with unstable vitamins, extracts and essential oils to give the illusion of effectiveness. There are a few problems with this approach; this a scattershot approach, to include everything that can be found hoping against hope something in it works.

b) Many of these ingredients are skin irritants or allergens.
Including too many ingredients sharply diminishes the efficacy of a product rather than enhancing it.
We have created our formulas by sifting through thousands of ingredient options to choose only those which are truly effective while minimizing the number of people possibly subject to irritation.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

...and about those fancy-pants "High End" skincare lines...

For this entry, we figured we'd answer the many questions we have received about our products vs. Those REALLY Expensive Ones. So, here is a brief compare-and-contrast of our products with "high end" skincare:

High-end skincare products almost always have long, artificial ingredient list, increasing the chances of causing skin irritation, and they usually include controversial ingredients, such as parabens, which are beginning to be considered as serious health concerns. (Go ahead, Google that.)

In sharp contradistinction, the 1:10 Skincare® line features a short ingredient list, is far less likely to irritate, and contains only ingredients that are 100% compliant with the strictest organic standards.

Another major difference is how botanicals are used within the two formulations. High-end brands include botanicals strictly to entice the customer. (Botanicals at such low concentrations they provide no meaningful benefit.) Meanwhile the 1:10 Skincare® line includes potent botanicals specifically selected for
a) their properties
b) synergy with our revolutionary, proprietary, process which keeps these botanicals maximally potent, and
c) in the ideal proportions to be effective.

Lastly, nobody but 1:10 Skincare® has our exclusive formulation and no juggling of commonplace ingredients by any other brand can compensate for this difference.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

...and now, a little background.

We realize many of you have been patiently waiting for more details on our launch.

At this moment we can reveal some of these details, but given the revolutionary nature of our formulation(s) and of our proprietary process, we have to be very careful to protect our intellectual property -- not from you guys* -- but from other, less savory persons and/or entities. Besides, we don't want our attorneys parachuting into our backyard, baying and howling wrathfully.

But we can give you an idea of what you may expect as we launch, and as our brand and lines grow and evolve.

At the very nucleus of our line is our proprietary process. This involves a new, 100% organic-compliant, bio-synergic ionic copper peptide. It has many unique properties, but for now let's just say its anti-oxidant capabilities are better than everything else out there. Not just better, but better by several orders of magnitude. We're not just talking superiority, but supremacy.

Having proprietary process and its unique properties in our formulations also allows us to dispense with more controversial preservatives (or other artificial ingredients) such as parabens and the like. This allows us to bring you the first truly effective, high-end, 100% organic skincare line in the world.

The overall anti-oxidant effect of our formulation is so profound that your skin can, at last, focus its energies and resources on its own repair and maintenance and not on fighing oxidation, or other forms of environmental stresses on your skin. The effects of using our serum, according to our initial testers, are remarkable:
  • Evening of skintone
  • Enhanced elasticity
  • Sharply curtailed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Noticeable decrease in the appearance of acne scars
  • Marked improvement in radiance
  • Diminished appearance of all the signs of aging
After three long years of protracted research, development, testing, formulating and reformulating we are convinced we have achieved the next quantum leap in skincare. And we are even more convinced that you will be convinced. One look in the mirror will tell you.

1:10 Skincare®, the way nature stops time.

*You are all terrific and scrupulous and honest, we can tell.