Thursday, March 27, 2014

...and about those fancy-pants "High End" skincare lines...

For this entry, we figured we'd answer the many questions we have received about our products vs. Those REALLY Expensive Ones. So, here is a brief compare-and-contrast of our products with "high end" skincare:

High-end skincare products almost always have long, artificial ingredient list, increasing the chances of causing skin irritation, and they usually include controversial ingredients, such as parabens, which are beginning to be considered as serious health concerns. (Go ahead, Google that.)

In sharp contradistinction, the 1:10 Skincare® line features a short ingredient list, is far less likely to irritate, and contains only ingredients that are 100% compliant with the strictest organic standards.

Another major difference is how botanicals are used within the two formulations. High-end brands include botanicals strictly to entice the customer. (Botanicals at such low concentrations they provide no meaningful benefit.) Meanwhile the 1:10 Skincare® line includes potent botanicals specifically selected for
a) their properties
b) synergy with our revolutionary, proprietary, process which keeps these botanicals maximally potent, and
c) in the ideal proportions to be effective.

Lastly, nobody but 1:10 Skincare® has our exclusive formulation and no juggling of commonplace ingredients by any other brand can compensate for this difference.

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