Monday, March 31, 2014

But what about cosmeceuticals?

Another series of questions we have gotten centers around how 1:10 Skincare® compares to other "cosmeceutical" lines.

Glad you asked.

There would seem to be some similarities:

1- Both give users the perception of having "science behind them."
2- Both will give the user some immediate result in the form of visible improvement, as well as improvement with continued use.

But the differences end there.

Cosmeceutical skincare is also notorious for:

Exceptionally harsh formulations; i.e., these products can be very irritating to the skin.
More so than even high end skincare, they often causes far worse problems than they set out to solve.

In contrast, 1:10 Skincare® heals skin gently, naturally and effectively.

Like high end skincare, cosmeceutical skincare has a long, controversial, ingredient list including assorted artificial ingredients, most notably parabens and SLS.

However, 1:10 Skincare® stands out among all categories with a short ingredient list that is 100% compliant with the strictest, food-level organic standards.

Many of the most common active ingredients in cosmeceutical lines (vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.) are notoriously unstable. Their ability to be active has probably already diminished before the consumer even opens the packaging. These ingredients will surely degrade to "practically inactive" once the package is opened. In order to control this instability, artificial ingredients are frequently incorporated into their formulas.

This is as opposed to 1:10 Skincare®, which has a revolutionary proprietary process that is both:
a) outrageously stable
b) which magnifies the stability and active life of the other ingredients.

Cosmeceutical skincare is not exactly legendary for providing a pleasant experience to the user.
In general, the packaging is unattractive and the formulas are almost unanimously highly unpleasant in look, texture and fragrance.

Meanwhile, 1:10 Skincare® gives the user superior effectiveness with an infinitely more enjoyable user experience.

Cosmeceutical skincare does not offer much appeal to consumers who shy away from products sold in infomercials or in vending machines. (We wish we were kidding.)

1:10 Skincare® offers a more exceptional adoption experience both in distribution and in terms of its innovations.

1:10 Skincare® - How Nature Stops Time.

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